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Customer satisfaction is achieved by providing what the customer wants, on time, every time. We could leave it there, but at Tile Store we are also able to deliver products in any quantity, direct to our customer. We appreciate the importance of reliability, where meeting scheduled programs are paramount. Shopping for tiles is time-consuming but we pride ourselves on offering choice and advice all under ONE roof, Visit Our Showroom Today Choice, Quality, Value & Service.

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Value For Money Products

We also take pride in leaving our valued customers satisfied with the price. With amazing discounts on our products, you are sure to get products that are of superior quality. Unlike others, we will not leave you with cheap tiles that will not last for years to come.

Best House Tiled
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Ideal Choice

Façades / Cladding
Driveway / Walkway Tiles
Industrial & Commercial use
Stairs / Step / Tread Tiles
Heat Resistance Tiles
Mosaic Tiles
Swimming pool / Fountains


Attractive Price
Brutal Strength
Greatest Impact Resistance
Built in Grip
Abrasion Resistant
Corrosion Resistant
Acid / Alkali Resistant

Tile Range

Glossy Glaze
Rough glazed
Double glazed
Contrasting Glazed
Terracotta Tiles

Fantastic Bathroom
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Plusco Ceramics

Why Us?

Still confused? If still, this question is tickling the back of your mind, then we have an answer to that. It’s simply because we come up with a wide range of bathroom tiles. That means if you are planning to install the best bathroom tiles for your Adelaide homes, you can rely on us. Just place your order, telling us what you want. We will deliver them in a jiffy! And it is not only your bathroom we will take care of. If now it’s time for you to turn your attention to the other parts, we are again at your service. We can deliver tiles for your kitchen, living space, hallway, the laundry, conservatories and even for the exteriors of your house and exterior applications. So get in touch with us today, for some startling facelift of your home including your kitchen!

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