Need Swimming Pool Tiles: Top Tips For Choosing The Right Ones

During the summer time, few things are as relaxing or enjoyable as a swim in your pool. That’s why so many people are choosing to install swimming pools on their property.

If you’re starting on this journey, you’ll have quite a few things to get done and choose between. There’s the location of the pool, how big it will be, and more.

At some point, you’ll need to consider the swimming pool tiles. Combined with all of the other choices you have to make, this could be overwhelming.

As a dedicated tile shop Adelaide, Plusco Ceramics is dedicated to helping you through this process. Our dedicated and passionate team is highly knowledgeable about what they do.

If you have any questions, they’ll be more than happy to answer them. Drop-in today to find the best swimming pool tiles for you.

Should you be unsure about how to choose the best swimming pool tiles for you, you shouldn’t be. We’re here to help you figure that out.

How To Choose The Best Swimming Pool Tiles For You

Focus On Safety

When most people look for swimming pool tiles in Adelaide, their main focus is on how it looks. While that’s understandable, you should also consider the safety of particular options.

Slip resistance, durability, and multiple other traits should make a significant impact on your decision. That’s especially true if it’s a family pool and your children are likely to use it.

Safety should be a priority with your swimming pool tiles. Though that’s especially the case for the tiles around your pool, you should also consider it for the ones inside the pool.

Consider Regular Users

When your swimming pool is installed, certain people will use it much more than others. You and everyone else that lives in the house will usually get the most use out of it.

You should design the swimming pool with that in mind. Should other people be using it regularly, you should also think of them.

That also applies to the swimming pool tiles that you choose. Focusing on what regular users will appreciate will narrow down your choices significantly.

While that primarily focuses on the style and design of the tiles, it also applies to the material that they’re made of. If children will be using the pool much more than adults, for example, it’s best to go with stone or a similar option.

These are typically more durable and slip-resistant, which makes them safer.

Colours Matter

The colour of your swimming pool tiles will be one of the most important factors to consider. It’ll help set the tone of the pool while impacting its overall appearance.

While many people choose to go with the traditional blue, there are plenty of other options available. Which one you should go with depends significantly on your personal preferences.

One of the more common ways to go is with brighter colours. These brighten up your pool while white offers a more relaxing atmosphere.

Alternatively, you could go with the dominant colour around your home. Regardless of which option you choose, remember to keep the surrounding decor in mind.

Keep Material In Mind

The material you use in and around your pool is vital. Some materials are more slip-resistant than others, which could make them better recommended.

Stone tiles are perhaps the most obvious here, although they can often be the most expensive. You could consider ceramic or porcelain for your swimming pool tiles in Adelaide.

These will be quite affordable and should offer you a certain amount of slip resistance. That’s especially true if you use smaller tiles with more joints between them.

Regardless of which material you choose, remember to keep safety in mind, as mentioned above.

Picking The Best Swimming Pool Tiles: Wrapping Up

If you’re trying to figure out how to pick the best swimming pool tiles for you, you shouldn’t be. As a leading tile shop in Adelaide, Plusco Ceramics is more than happy to help you. With our extensive range of swimming pool tiles in Adelaide and knowledgeable staff, there’s nothing that we can’t help you with. Drop into our shop today, and our team can answer any questions you have.

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